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When buying a used vehicle it is important that your money is spent on something that will meet your requirements or desires and will have been thoroughly checked out, giving you a reasonable return for your money. In the case of a motor car you may want something for many thousands of pounds or something cheap and cheerful to see you through a few weeks.

Nigel and Richard will try to help you achieve either of these aims, or anything in between through this core business website or through our site for modestly priced vehicles:

BAM.... Bishop Affordable Motoring;

Of course the vehicle that never had a fault has probably never been built, Bishop Motoring will inspect and drive each vehicle before sale, using the guidelines stated below. Each vehicle is examined in our service centre where rigorous multi-point checks are carried out and any areas of doubt are addressed and where appropriate will be issued with a brand new MOT.

My measure for sale is 'Would this car be good enough for my son or daughter or my mum or dad?' If yes, I can sell it!

Only then will we give our Bishop Motoring seal of approval; You can expect a vehicle commensurate with its age, mileage and value and you are assured of personal attention and your guarantee of quality, reliability, excellence and peace of mind.


The vehicle should be in a condition commensurate with its age, mileage and value. We endeavour to provide the best possible value for money, we are fair and reasonable with our expectations, we would like to think our clients adopt a similar philosophy.

Service History
Bishop Motoring will strive to gather as much history as possible for all vehicles. The vehicle should have a documented history of servicing in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and should have sufficient service history to warrant the recorded mileage as being correct.

The engine should be free from undue noise, operating to manufacturer’s specifications and within legal emissions limits. It should be free from damage and leakage with no evidence of excessive wear.

Cooling System
The cooling system should operate within the manufacturer’s specifications and be free from leakage and damage with cooling fans operating correctly.

The transmission should operate within the manufacturer’s specifications and be free from leakage and not requiring repair or adjustment.

Chassis Members and Sub Frame
The chassis members and sub frame should be free from damage, defects and distortion. All mountings and joints sound and free from major damage or wear.

Suspension and Steering
The suspension and steering  should have no evidence of excess wear, leakage or damage. All components operating within the manufacturer’s specifications. Power steering components free of excessive noise and with no visible fluid leakage. Mountings and joints must be sound and free from damage or wear.

The tyres should be sound and having at least 3mm of tread. They must comply with current construction and legal regulations.

The electrical components should be operating within the manufacturer’s specifications. Electronic Control Units free of error and with no visible sign of tampering.

The interior should be commensurate with age, mileage and value.

Standard Equipment

All standard fittings should be in good operating condition, commensurate with age, mileage and value.